Help😱how do I used My soundbar with yousee tv boks?also apple tv?

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Connect Soundbar to TV, connect ATV to TV. You have to be more speciffic.
Thanks,My Tv is a Panasonic ,from 2008,with 2 HDMI output ,its used to work great with the soundbar & My Apple tv,now with the yousee tv box,can’t seem to have to work,I bought a goobay
HDMI switch box ,try that too with the sound bar & yousee tv box ,don’t seem to work.
Hope you help with some kind of pointes
Regards Sandra
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As i wrote, connect Soundbar to the TV, and the TV boks and ATV to the TV, as easy as that.
Did try that ,can’t get it to work😱
Whats an ATV.?
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What's the make and model of the Soundbar.? As i wrote You have to be specific with information in order to give solutions.
JVC Soundbar 'bought it last summer
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There are more than one Model.
Model JVC(TH-D337H)
Maybe I should drop the tv box🙁 but hate to just give up,I’m not that good with Tect ,but I try
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The Soundbar has HDMI ARC, so Connect to HDMI ARC on TV, then you have full control of og from the TV.
Then Connect TV Box and ATV to the remaning HDMI ports.
Great🙃 thanks
Hello !har prøve ,den værker ikke! Fordi tv kabel skal iboks , når jeg prøve normal tv UN tv-boksen
Soundbar er perfekt .
Jeg blev så stress af det her.
Men Thanks for Råd
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I use a simmilar setup, with the Humax and Shield TV, there is absolutly no problem. Only difference is i have a Samsung TV.
I bought the same ,but haven’t used it ,I need to get a connected HDMI cable for it,will try again .
Sorry,What I bought is A Humax switch box.
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I Think you Better get some hands on help with the setup.
I have decided to send it return ,it’s not worth the trouble ,Don’t want to spend more money on that.
But.🍺 Thanks for all the info


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