Not getting broadband to work

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You also must look into if the Line You want to use is a seperate line, otherwise You can't use it.
Properly it is a seperate line, then it have to be made active, there may be som watingtime for that to happen.
Will the guys at the you see outlet have that information with them? If not how do I find out about that?

I would in anyways take a picture of the socket with me so that there is no confusion on that front
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Yes, the YouSee staff will look up your address and see your options.
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To activate the connection the matter will be passed on to the technichians, and You will be informere about at date for the activation of the connection, maybe a new socket will have to be installed. (Rj11).
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Hej ForumBruger710

Is there any news on this? :)

Please return with a like and a mark as "best answer" if you found the help from Radiomanden and Slangefar helpful :)
I went to the yousee outlet yesterday and they took the router back and gave me a new dsl connection. The technician will come in 15 days to set up that connection and yousee gave me a emergency connection for that time which is really great.

Thanks everyone for valuable suggestions and input.

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Hi again

Thank you for update! I've marked your latest comment as best answer :)

Have a good one.


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