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How to delete youSee account?

Sorry it's in English. Can anyone tell me step by step what do I have to do to delete youSee account? Thanks.

Also sorry if it's wrong category on forum.

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What type of account? It is easy to change mail account if your current get spammed to much.

It's not mail account. It's youSee main (?) account. I bought the modem 2 days ago and created this account, but for internet I'm currently using another account and I'd like to delete this one. I didn't purchase anything/don't pay for anything on this account.

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I think you need to contact customer service at 70 70 40 40 on monday. It takes a lot of time in que at the moment. If you have access to Facebook, it is alot easier to contact Yousee there. Third option is to send a (form)mail from This is customer-to-customer-forum and we can't delete the account for you.  

I know you can't I just thought there might be an option to delete it that I just don't know of. But anyway thank you for help! :)