From adsl to coax mail setup programs (thunderbird)

Hi all,
Sorry this is in English, but 'technically' wise I wanted to make sure I am understood/understand the problem. I recently went fro a ADSL connection to a coax connection and while I can still recive mail at my *******@tdcadsl.dk, I can no longer send emails. Is this becasuse I am on coax and not ADSL? I am using the Thunderbird mail program that is updated to the latest version. WIN 10 pro and everything is running the latest updates.
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Hi MrBobsen

I can see you are missing reactions here, so let me try to spark some activity 🙂

Do you get an errorcode you can provide?

Here's the values you to set on your mailaccount:
Hi Kasper,

Thanks for replying to my question. I tried your suggestion, however, in order to utilise the change of logon codes one must get a new password with only the 'yousee.dk' email address and not the tdcadsl.dk which I wanted to keep.
After getting the outgoing server set correctly I was asked for the password for the outgoing server. Since I have this address for at least 18 years (and had auto logon enabled) and have long since lost the original info I was shit outa luck when trying to remember if I had altered the original password from TDC.
I finally stumbled upon a mail password recovery program which, in the end, solved my problems.

Seems strange i am the only tdcadsl to coax yousee to have had this problem

Thanks for your interest,