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Too many users?

We are a family of 3 active net users. Recently, we have added 3 devices to our pool and we now have 8 active devices competing for the attention of our TDC air track home router.

1 Is this too many for the router?

2 If this is too many, is there a way to prioritize access?

// symptoms are: unstable access for one new device (a laptop); another device that has been connected for a week (iPad) has forgotten the password - and keeps asking for it, but refuses to accept what we enter

// by the way: how / why was my language settings changed to English, when I accessed this Danish language site?

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Hej JensMM

There should not be problemt with only 6 clients. But (And there is a but) If one client has a lot of traffic. (Say Netflix, Upgrading etc.) There could be a problem. If it is just one unit that has problems (The new Laptop) if possible try that unit on another wireless system (maybe at a friends house) to see if the problem is still there. The iPad problem have i encountered before. There was never a solotioun, but the owner was just in my area a few days, and he used a laptop instead.

There is, af far as i know, no way to prioretize access, or traffic, in a TDC Router. That requires a more advanced router.

A few tips for Wireless operations:

1. The wireless router is to be placeed high, and free, (Not behind the beutifull vase, in a cabinet, or under the bed.

2. Remeber it is only a twoway radio. (Walkie talkie) It is easy to Jam. And there is only ONE unit at a time that can send or recive. If one unit has a lot of traffic (Netflix, upgrading, downloading, playin online etc.) it will take the bandwith.

3. WiFi is beeing stopt by the same that stops radiofrequencies. Refrigerators, mirrors etc.


Hi Brian 

Thanks and a big round of applause for your comprehensive answer.

Order has been restored in our little home and my son was able to logon 2 days after. We will probably never why he could log on automatically for a week - and then was rejected for 3 days even with a manual log on. The laptop is working as well ...

Nu kan jeg endda skrive på dansk uden at stavekontrollen går fuldstændig amok Overrasket humørikon)