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Lost my phone which I bought wit a contract

  • 27 december 2015
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Hey everybody!

Yesterday I celebrated Christmas with many julöls and in the frenzy  I lost my phone. I bought it on contract around 3 months ago, and I am paying quite a lot. I am desperate since I cannot afford a new one and I will leave the country for my intesip in 4 days. What can I do? I remember paying for an insurance, but I cannot find any information I can understand, and I would hate to have to keep paying for both my phone and abbonement even if I can't use it. Anybody had similar problems?

Thanks a lot for your help :))

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Where is the Phone from.? Is it from a DK provider.? Have You taken the matter up with the provider.?

This forum is for matters about You See and their products, do You have them as provider.?