How many mobiles can be at one abonnement


I would like to ask about mobile abonnement. I have one abonnement + data + last year I take a IPhone 12 pro max and I still have one year more until the phone will payed. My question sound… Can I take one more phone on one same abonnement now? 

Thanks so much for all answers. 👋 


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On this Forum we can not answer in regards to your question as to how many Phones you can have on an HP at any one time.

You have to contact You See.


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I seem to recall you can have two phones on installment per CPR-number.  Try asking YouSee on Facebook to see if the limitation is still valid. 

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At the moment Facebook is Down, it is a Global breakdown. EDIT:  23:45 FB is up again.

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Hi @Benedikta 

When you buy a phone on your subscription, then you are bound for 6 months with that subscription. After the 6 months you are free to buy a new phone, that will bound you again for another 6 months. It does not matter if you still pay for your phone, but after 6 months, it has nothing to do with your subscription.