Poor Costumer Service

Good Day!
Sorry for writing in English, I am new in Denmark so My Danish is not good enough yet!
I ordered the Iphone 7 on the 09/09 and Until now I did not modtage the mobile and no one knows how to explain Why . On the order email it says if you dont get your order in 05 business day I shouldnt contact Yousee. I did try to Contact Yousee a few times and so far no answer and a very bad Costumer Services. The Costumer Service representative duty me I shouldnt go to a Yousee Store. So today I drove 40 km til nearest Yousee large and They customs me there is nothing they can do two full fordi was donated online. The large namnet Costumer Service and after 40 minutes waiting on the line he customs at han kan not tell me what was wrong, and just hangout.
It's very disappointing the poor Costumer Service from a company like YouSee specially with New costumer. And you have write emails, Called and no one can explain what is the problem, Specially när my wife ordered the Iphone a 7 ​​on 13/09 and she modtage here mobile last Friday.
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