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I had been costumers with YouSee since last 5 years (xxxxxx50)and had been using same amount of data every month max 4 GB ,
I just have closed my old number and got new numbers with YouSee and I am surprised to know about my data usage!

I still have same usage of data
but I am reaching 10GB date just in 15 days!!!

I did have talked to Kundecenter today and they told me there's some error and from now on your date will be charged normally !!
The guy told me to give me 5 GB extra date for this month but got only 1GB

But my problem is still not solved
Date is running like fire

Anyone one know how to deal with it?


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Hello Zaheer

First welcome to the forum! 🙂

I can see that you still not have got any answer in this topic, so here's a reaction from me.

It sounds strange that the data is running out faster, even though there is no difference in behavior in regards to usage.

You can often see in the phone-menu, which app is using the most data. For an example on the iPhone you can check under Menu -> Settings -> Mobile network.