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Istagram Beta til Nokia Lumia 640

Efter mere end et års brug af min telefon Lumia 640 kan jeg pludselig ikke bruge min Istagram - jeg kan heller ikke lave update af denne app
Hvad kan jeg gøre?

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From all of the information I can find, including THIS thread, Instagram just does not work with Windows based devices.
It is intended for mobile devices but, the only app stores they show are iTunes and Google Play.
So on a computer (even a Mac) you can only view posts from others but not leave any posts. I even tried work-a-rounds that are purported to work. They did nothing.
With all due respect to the Microsoft folks they are trying to pass the buck rather than being up front.
The fact is that Instagram shuts Windows users out and there is nothing that Microsoft can do about it.
If I am wrong and someone can tell me of a way to use Instagram from a Windows device (computer or phone) that would be great.
However, with the mobile world (Instagram is intended for mobile devices) the companies seem to focus on iOS and Android. I believe it has to do with Windows phone being a niche market and the fact that Apple was once the niche with limited software options since Microsoft had the lion's share of the market