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Mit you see old info

Hi, Sorry this is in English but...

I upgraded from a ADSL (50/10) to a coax connection (80/10) and with the exception of a few bumps I am happy. The problem is my subscription info has not changed on the mit yousee info page. It still shows the old adsl info and furthermore I cannot optimize my wifi connection because it shows its not hooked up? Strange, the wifi from the coax modem works fine and I had no problems setting it up on my mobile devices. I have called numerous times (+5) and have been assured this was corrected but nothing happens. What am I to do to finally get this corrected?
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You have to contact You See, this is a user forum, we cant help on this issue.
Ok, but after 5 times, I have given up hope of having this issue being resolved through 'normal' channels.
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Tecnical issues of that kind can't be resolved from this forum.