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Jeg kan modtage mail, men jeg kan ikke sende mail, for et par uger siden, var der intet i vejen


Bedste svar af Radiomanden 30 January 2024, 12:46

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When you use Gmail your mail goes via gmail Servers so no issues no matter how or where you are connected. I also use Gmail and it works.

my issue occurs when I try and send a mail using my own email address and yousee asmtp servers. 

I use Apple’s Mail client. It works fine when I am on the Telia WiFi and using, port 25. I have also used this same email for the past 25 years on many networks without issues.

when I switch to the yousee WiFi and set the smtp to the recommended asmtp servers, it blocks outgoing mail…so I just need yousee to unblock port 465 or 587 for me.


its a simple thing and should be easy to fix if YouSee would simply pass the case to a tech who knows what to do.

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SMTP Port 587 is open.


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Hi @Dlglobal1 

These ports aren’t closed from in here. There is something else wrong but we can’t provide support on this as it’s not our mailaccount either. You may contact your mailprovider for further support.

We do actually suggest these ports is used in our net and if a external mailclient is used = therefore not closed. 

See for yourself here:
Hvad er serveroplysningerne til min YouSee mail?

Thanks Kaspar. Why is your server rejecting my email address? Is it possible to speak rather than using this public forum?


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All help on this forum and on Facebook is in writing only.

The only way to communicate via a Phone call is to Technical Support, and they can’t help, as it is not a You See issue. Contact your E mail Provider.

Why are YouSee servers rejecting my email address?

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As @Kasper wrote: “These ports aren’t closed from in here. There is something else wrong but we can’t provide support on this as it’s not our mailaccount either. You may contact your mailprovider for further support”.

Hello again, I have now been told by YouSee that my address cannot be used because it is a .com address and not .dk
I have tried to connect it to my YouSee account via MIT YouSee and it does not work. 
Is it true that YouSee only allows .dk adresses ? I find that hard to believe as surely I am not the only YouSee customer with a hosted domain and my own .com email address…

I don’t like to give negative feedback but this has been a very frustrating issue and really bad support.

I have used 3 and Telia in the past and never had this problem.

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I have a .com Webmail (Google), there is no problem. In Port: 995, Out Port: 587 TLS/STARTTLS

I am happy webmail works for you radiomanden.

I don’t use webmail. I am using the mail client on my Mac and iphone not webmail…

webmail is not the problem.

yousee does not allow a .com email address to be connected to a YouSee account - this is what I was told by YouSee. It’s confirmed with an error message while trying to connect my email account to my YouSee account. 


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As I know You See Mail is not a Client,, but it can be used i a Client like Outlook, and your Mail can i’m shure also use Outlook as a Client.

@Dlglobal1 You must continue to use the smtp server from the provider that hosts your mail. You just cannot use port 25 from within Yousee's network.