Iphone app no longer works

So my yousee app stopped working from one day to the next on my iPhone 6.

Opens up then the wheel just spins and spins. My iphone was updated to the new software last week, which I think is the issue, as my sons app on his non-updated phone works fine.

How / when will this be fixed?

Getting info or answers out of yousee is like getting blood out of a stone. Worst service ever. I've worked in 3rd world countries with better connections and overall technology than yousee.


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Hej, If you can write in Danish more can help you...

But I just tried to download the Yousee app, and it works OK on my iPhone 7+
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I saw in other Forum part here, an way you may fixed it.

Un-install the app and download it again and install it again...
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Hej mariekirkdk

What is the status on this issue?

If you're still having these troubles, then please try what Jorn-Hanen has suggested. Else you can contact support , so we can create a ticket for this matter.

Jeg har samme problem på iphone7+. Jeg har prøvet, at afinstaller og installer igen. Det har dog ingen betydning. Virker stadig ikke :-(

Jeg har TV & Bredbånd fra YouSee
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Jeg prøvede lige igen og se fodbold kampen, med Chromecast til TVet med min iPhone 7+
og det virker OK, eneste lidt usikre er om det virker med Chrome cast.
I går var jeg så letsindig og "nulstille" min iPhone for herefter, at installere "YouSee Tv & Film" for at se om det så virkede.... Og det gjorde det ?Hmmmm...
Så nulstillede jeg igen og indlæste backup - og wupti, så var fejlen der igen ??