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Don't have channels any more

I'm having issues with my TV.

In the attached imaged number 1: there is what the TV says
in the seconds image: my TV decoder

What is the solution to this?

Thank you for your responses

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Did it ever work with yousee cable tv ?
It looks like its a box from another tv provider like canal digital or stofa, so if it is you cant get it to work on yousee cable.

What is the full model number of the box ?

And this is a user to user forum, so yousee often dont respond here - you have to use thier facebook site or call them.
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I am afraid that you won't be able to use that Arris STB at Yousee, because from what i have been able to find out about it, then its an old Stofa STB.
To my knowledge, they are the only one in Denmark using STB's from Arris.

Only solution is to get one of Yousee's own Humax STB's.
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Do you have an old TV? Most TVs since 2009-10 can receive digital cable tv (DVB-C MPEG-4) without any box.