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Antena cable

I cannot see all channels. when I cannot see a Chanel, I got this message
" intel antennesignal kontroller om dit antennekabel sidder korrect "
Other channels can be seen very well

If somebody has experienced this issue a would appreciate an input.

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Hi, when you get the error " intet antennesignal kontroller om dit antennekabel sidder korrect "

You likely on a normal TV set has zapped into an encrypted channel, I got that error also on my TV...
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Do you have a Humax box, or is it direct on your TV.?
Hi Radio man: Yes, my box is the Humax 4000.
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Have You done a Reboot of the box, and checked that the cable is to the recomended standard.?
I have done the rebut many times and the cable is the one supplied by yousee which I have also change it.

The issue is with the majority of the chanels, because some others work well.
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It still May and properbly is a "noise" problem, as the Qam 256 is more sensetive than Qam 64, do you have problems with the Chanels in Grundpakken.? if not then it is a issue with the other Chanels, as they are on Qam 256.
Thanks. The Issue is with the Grundpakken chanels. What do I need to do to fix it?