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I have recently shifted to new apartment and I found that we already had a Yousee Cable Tv connection there. What we didn't know was that there is also an amplifier in the apartment and the Tv (and the internet about which I had another thread going on) stopped working when we switched off the amplifier. this gave me an impression that there is something wrong with the tv and I went to Yousee outlet. They suggested to use the set top box. After I came to know that the amplifier was turned off , I don't really need the set top box anymore (and I am not using it either). But suddenly after 14th June (i know that there was a mainatinece activity in that area on 14th) the number of channels have reduced from 96 to 25 and yousee outlet doesn't know why that is. I also got a bill from Yousee for 111Kr which I think is for the set top box.

I am already paying 130Kr to the landlord for the cable tv.

Can someone please guide me if I can return the set top box. what did I get the bill for and how did the number of channels reduced after 14th June.?


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Looks a bit like the previous tennant may have subribed to a larger TV package than you. The basic and smallest package "grundpakken" have 25 channels. YouSee have many different larger TV packages and extra channels you can subscribe to.

If you need a bigger package you may need to talk to your landlord or talk to YouSee or talk to a cable association where you live.

The best way to give YouSee the TV box back, is to go to one of the outlets.
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I guess YouSee send a technician til your apartment building on 14th june. The technician changed a filter in the cellar (or where the tech stuff are in your apartment building). If your appartment building have a cable association some of their personel may have changed the filter on 14th.
And the bill that i got is that for the set top box or the channels that I have?

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You have to contact custumer service.


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