Problems with Outlook on PC connection to youSee mail

Hi there 

I am again having problems with my desktop Outlook (Microsoft 365) communicating with youSee - I am receiving mail most of the time but it will not send - the log in box just pops up for user name and Password and then stays . 

Is there an English walk through available for trying to fix this ? Hopefully it is a setting somewhere on my PC ?

Many thanks



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youSee help line just says they don’t assist with PC Outlook connection to youSee servers  :-(  

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Yousee only help with webmail problems. Your PC support is your own problem. Try changing mail server to

Thanks for replying. 
Tried that - no luck! 
No user guide in English anywhere? 

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No user guide in English anywhere? 

Not from You See.

Oh well. Off to the PC service shop . 
Thanks for the information 

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Try this guide from YouSee:

Google Chrome browser has a translate function. It is possible to translate the danish text to english. 

Right-click with the mouse and select “Oversæt til.”, and change “Dansk” to “English”.

Thank you  - I’ll give that a go!