WiFi is slow with Sagem F@st 35XX

Hi all,


I have a bredbånd connection via TDC HomeDuo Box. The declared speed are 20 Mb/s download and 2 Mb/s upload. Everything works as expected when it is WIRED connection. When I perform speed test using wired connection it shows me 18 Mb/s download and 1.7 Mb/s upload as expected.

However, when I use WiFi connection via TDC Homebox the download speed drops down to 12-13 Mb/s and upload speed stay around  1.5-1.6 Mb/s, which is not acceptable.

I have my old NETGEAR router which I connected to the homebox as a simple switch to test the wireless connection. When I am connected to NETGEAR I am able to get the same download/upload rate as via wired connection (18 Mb/s and 1.7 Mb/s).

That mean there is a problem with TDC's Sagem box WiFi. I have tried different settings, including channels numbers and 802.11n mode. Nothing helps.

Does anybody know why the problem exist and how to overcome it?


TDC's Sagem model is: F@st 35XX

TDC's Sagem FW version is: Fast3DK04_5AK042

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Hello Bionicman,

It's been a while since you posted your question, but I'll endeavour to give you an answer.

The reason for the slowdown is probably due to the HomeBox using a heavier/newer encryption protocol (WPA2) in a mixed mode with an older standard (WPA). If you set up the HomeBox to use either WPA or WPA2, instead of running in mixed mode, you'll probably see a gain in speed.

If your Netgear is the WGR614 model, it's most likely designed to only run in WPA-mode, which would explain the higher transmission speed.

Best regards