TDC HomeBox installation

  • 23 november 2012
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I am trying to install my new TDC HomeBox ADSL for broadband. When I install it, the DSL LED is still only flashing and according to the manual it is supposed to just glow. Other than this LED, the WiFi LET is glowing constantly (no flashing there).

What should I do?

Also when I log in to MIT TDC, In part Mine abonnementer, there is nothing - only option to order some, but when I want to do that it says I can't. I suppose there should be the broadband programe which I ordered. Thank you for your help!


MvH Juraj Pal

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Hello Juraj,

We have a TDC Hotline, to handle these kinds of issues. The number should be on your order confirmation papers, or you can find it on this link:

Most of our employees speak english, so the language shouldn't be a big issue.