iTunes Question

It seems that my service provider, TDC, has finally decided to sell iPhones!

However, there is a waiting list for the iPhone 4, but at least I'm now in the list!

Anyway, TDC has a portal which is called "TDC Play". On this website, you can get music for FREE.

BUT currently, you cannot use TDC Play on an iPhone since the TDC Play OS is windows based. You CAN get access to iTunes, though.

TDC told me that they're working on this, but so far, you can not use TDC Play.

So my question is: is the music offered on iTunes FREE or do you pay for each piece of music?

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Omdømme 6

You have to pay for music on iTunes, but if you have TDC Home Duo or Trio, you kan get a app in app store that can streem music from you iTunes Server. 

Omdømme 6

The music downloaded from TDC Play on you PC/Mac