HomeBox ADSL wireless suddenly unstable

I have a HomeBox ADSL which has been working fine.  Last night, for no apparent reason, wireless connections have become unstable.  My MacBook Pro (and Macbook Air, iphone etc) can connect, but drop after 1 minute or so.  I have tried rebooting device and pressing reset button.


Ethernet connections are fine - so I have just connected another wireless repeater into it, so I have a workaround.


I *think* what might have happened is that TDC has applied a remote firmware update which has broken wireless in some way.  

1) Can anyone confirm if TDC has issued a recent firmware update for Homebox routers (I think they are a rebranded Zywall device?)

2) Is anyone else experiencing wireless problems which have started recently?  


~ Rodney

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Hi Rodney

Your firmware in your TDC Homebox adsl should be 7AT046, can you confirm that ?

To check it log into your TDC Homebox adsl (use

Regards Carsten S.

This is from the Administration: System Information screen.

Hardware version 3DK63-05

Software version: h7400N1k1

Release date: 2013-1-08:18:05:26Z

Is this information correct  I don't see "Firmware" listed.  Let me know where to find it if this information isn't what you need.

Thanks for your help Carsten, really appreciated.

~ Rodney

That is interesting. My Software is from the same day but with a different Version number and ever since I had that version installed my HomeBox including the Wireless network has been rock solid.

Hardware Version: 3DK63-05

Software Version: H7400N18I

Release dato: 2013-01-08T18:05:26Z


Hi Rodney

I'm sorry for my late answer but I has been on a holiday trip.

Please send me a pm with your id on your adsl line, phone number or a emxxxxxx number and I will investigate why you got the H7400N1K1 firmware instead of H7400N18I.

I can see you got a H7400N1K1 firmware and thats not the right.

Kim: yes that's right the new update H7400N18I has improvements to wifi.


Carsten S.

Hi, any chance of getting this information from a router on "Medarbejder Bredbånd"...I have no access to, but I'm experiencing the same kind of stability problems with my connections.


I have the same problem as Rodney, and have temporarely connected my Linksys router as an accesspoint to obtain reliable Wi-Fi.

My hardware version is 3DK63-05 and firmware is H7400018N


Svend Erik