Error 651 Win 7

  • 26 september 2010
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I have just moved to Copenhagen, so it still have to do it in English.


Having just received the box in the mail, I plugged in and installed everything properly, followed all the instructions, I still cannot connect to the internet.  I have attempted to connect with a PC with WIN VISTA and a PC with WIN 7, both do not work.


Windows 7 generates Error 651 upon failing to connect, stating that the Modem cannot communicat with the ISP.  Through different means WIN7 reported -your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding-.  Hence, my conclusion is that there is something wrong on the end of TDC.  However, while I have tried calling customer service, since my danish is still limited to -Jeg vil gerne en brod-, I cannot call you guys.


Please help!


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maybe your connection isent open, if not i found this on google


hope it helps,