Cannot login to TDC HomeBox

Hi, I hope you will understand, since all the stuff here is in Danish [i].


I want to open some ports on my TDC HomeBox and all the guides are refering to, but I cannot open that management page.


I'm sometimes able to open it, when I restart my modem, but for a limited time. It seems that it being configured from some remote location. Don't you know the trick ?


Thank you


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Hi Tomas,

All of our routers, delivered to private customers, is open for configuration.

I think you may have a TDC Homebox from our business department, which is "closed land" for configuration.

I suggest you get in contact with TDC, and let us take a look at it. Glad humørikon



have you tried just putting Admin in the log in and just enter?  

there is no password on the ones I hve worked on in the past.