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3G Network problem

I have aproblem with my E367 usb modem.

I bought it last Thursday, I installed everything, I run the Connect it program, enter my PIN, downloaded the additional drivers from TDC website but still I have no network. I can see my connection on the taskbar but it says 'Device locked'. If I try and put my PIN it says unlocking device and stays there forever, no change. Does anyone now if there is a problem with the Network? Or simply my SIM card is not activated by TDC? 


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Hello ioaspanos

Thanks for your post :-)

What I would recommend you do, is that you call our hotline if you haven't done it already. I think your problem may need some debugging and digging to find out whether the problem is in the SIM or in the modem. 

You can find the contact details here: http://go.tdc.dk/fkcrsb