Problems to call one specific number

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I have a problem with my daughters number/ phone. I bought a new phone for her (Samsung trend plus) and upgraded her old number to an option with internet. Since then she can receive calls from all phones/numbers except mine. As soon as I call her, after one ring the call ed is dropped. But she can call me or send me sms. I heard of another person having exactly the same problem (also a TDC number)!. I call TDC, they say there is no problem in their system. I checked my daughters phone- call filters, re-started her phone, mine...all possibilities without success. Anybody is having this issue?

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Have only one solution
Try a hard reset.

Warning! All data will be lost after hard reset.
1.Power off your phone
2.Push together volume up + home button + power key until you will se Samsung logo on the screen
3.Select with volume buttons "wipe data/factory reset" and push power key to confirm
4.Select "yes" and push power key to confirm
5.Wait until format is complete
7.Push power to confirm "reboot"
8.Wait until the phone restarts


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