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Since last few weeks my internet connection wireless and direct connection to have problems of unstable downloading and uploading speed. Normally the download speed is 3.5 Mbps and upload speed is 0.2 Mbps but now it goes down to 1.31 Mbps download speed and upload speed 0.15 very often. Sometimes har error on spped test of TDC website. Sometimes were less connection is completely disconnected. I can not communicate with tothers Properly middle of the conversation always the connection problems (slow connection). It is really frustrating. 

Is it cause by the old broadband modem from TDC?

How can I fix this problem?

Is it time to leave TDC for a better one?


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Hello there!

You should take contact to TDC customerservice. There can be a lot reasons to why your connection acts wierd, also customerservice can monitor the line and better tell you exactly what is wrong, they'll send a technician if needed.

Call this number: 70 70 30 30

If i'm right, help in english should be available. 

Thank you for the reply. The problems has been solved.

I have been using TDC Broadband more than 7 years. About 15 days ago I found that I paid more and got the slowest internet speed. My modem was Speed Stream the one I got from TDC and used my own wireless router. The Speed Stream Modem was too old and when it was getting hot the connection dropped.

Every 3 months I paid about Kr.1200 for all these years.

I talked with the TDC Butik and changed to cheaper package Kr 245 per month with 5 times higher downloading and uploading speed. I also got TDC Homebox Wireless Router with builtin modem. I paid Kr. 99 too for this new package. 

Now I´d like to change the Wirelss Router password but I do not know how to do it so I am writting here to get some help, link or instruction. 


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Is it for the Wifi or for accessing the router interface??


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