YouSee modem and a separate Fritzbox


I hope it is ok that I write in english but I just moved to Denmark and haven't had time yet to learn enough danish to have a discussion in it.

Did anyone succeed in using a Fritzbox (in my case 7390) as a separate router with YouSee? I deactivated "Router Mode" in the Netgear that came in the mail and set up my Fritzbox to connect via LAN1.

My settings on the Fritzbox are:

"NAT-Router with IP". I then have to choose whether I want to set my IP manually (still on the Fritzbox) or via DHCP. I tried via DHCP and server "" but that failed. I also tried to mimic the settings I see when I connect via LAN on the Netgear box:




Primary DNS:

The Fritzbox tells me that the connection test was successfull when using the manual method but I can not open e.g. google. The DHCP try fails straight from the start. i.e. the box tells me it couldn't make a connection.

So if anyone knows how to use the Fritzbox with YouSee I would be really glad about help!



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I don't know the Fritzbox, but it have to use DHCP on the WAN side to be used on the YouSee network, and the Fritzbox's MAC adress needs to be acitvated on YouSee's network.

If you do not get to their actiavtion page,, call support at 70 70 40 40, press 1 and then 4. Ask for 2nd level suport ("udvidet support"), because you need to have your own router activated (bridge mode).

That is what I am trying to do. The Fritzbox has an option to "get" Internet via LAN1. Meaning I have a LAN cable in Port 1 of the Fritzbox while the other end of the cable is in the first LAN port of the Netgear modem. But I can see on the Netgear modems config page that DHCP is off (and I don't see an option to turn it on, except for ending router mode). So I guess my question is what is the IP address of the DHCP server I should use?


/edit: I just rang YouSee and got to the 2nd line support where I was told was that it is "very technicall" what I wanted and that he could not help me but he wanted to patch me through to a 3rd person. Just as I was put on hold the call got disconnected and when I tried to ring back I was told that I was ringing outside of service hours ...

It should be simple. Your goal is to register the mac address of your router. Then you will get internet access.

Set wan (port 1) to get ip from dhcp. Now it should recieve a 10.x.x.x ip. If it doesn't, something is wrong/not configured correct and you cannot continue.

Go to and register the router. Be sure that your computer is using the dns server assigned by yousee in this step.

You do not need to configure anything in the cable modem (only turn nat off).


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