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Help with bills and change period payment please


I moved a few months ago to CPH and I hired the TDC Broadband. I have the quarterly bill (I do not know why because the salesman does not tell me nothing about how I wanted to pay). After the first 3 months I got the new bill with different fees that does not appear in the first one (87kr for Gebyr for brevpost and 49kr for renter, gebyrer, m.m.). I have a look to TDC Hjaelp and I guess these fees are charged because of sending the bill in paper and not electronically (another thing that the salesman did not give me option), and the other because of doing a manual payment and not automatic. The point is that these fees were not included in the first bill, so I do not know why they are in this one. Moreover, I went to the store closed to the Round Tower and other salesman told me that any question I have about my bill must be solved by calling the customer service, because they do not know nothing about bills (WTF!!! The store does not have a solution???? They only try to sell???? How do you want to keep a customer if you cannot help him???). I tried to call the customer service but of course is in danish, and I do not speak danish yet and there is no option to change to english.

Please, could somebody here give me a solution? I just want to know the reason of these new fees, change my bill from quarterly to monthly and changing the paper bill to electronic via e-mail (and apparently I cannot do these actions online using my self-service login) so TDC won't charge me more fees (I know how to activate the automatica card payment).


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