Avoiding to use YouSee Homebox

Is it possible to avoid using the yousee homebox router? I would like to connect my router directly to the internet. I'm not asking for bridged mode or DMZ, I just want to not depend on the yousee homebox.

I've been trying to look at the traffic with wireshark, but for some reason my router doesn't get a reply to the DHCP request. The yousee homebox has no problems getting the DHCP offer. Any idea how to do this?


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You have to use the Modem, it is not possible to use your own direct. It can be connected to the Modem in Bridge Mode.
The homebox doesn't have Bridge Mode, I want to avoid completely the additional NAT that comes with DMZ.

Any technical details why it shouldn't work? Hiper.dk allows you to use the connection directly if you set VLAN 101 for example. Why wouldn't there be a similar case for yousee?
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Der kan tilsluttes egen Router. https://forum.yousee.dk/dsl-homebox-28/tilslut-egen-router-til-homebox-75694
@Radiomanden could you give some more details on why it won't work connecting directly my router instead of putting the homebox in bridge mode?