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Network Problem - Similar to DNS issues

I have an issue with my network. I sometimes cannot open any sites in Safari (on macOS Sierra). It takes some time (up to minutes) However, at the same time we are watching videos online (via Apple TV) through the very same sagemcom 3686 modem. Once it works again I don't have the same issue anymore, so I doubt it's a simple DNS issue. However, I didn't set up DNS on the modem, and already tried a different DNS then the standards TDC (google or openDNS).

What could it all be?

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Hi TheMadOne

Welcome to forum 🙂

I can see you have not got an answer, so I'll try give it a go.

Have you tried tested in another browser and have you tried reset the modem? Hopefully it can help, else I hope another user will join in.
Hi Kasper,

thanks for your answer. Indeed, reseting the modem did help. Right now I get these problems again and I will soon reset the modem again. But I have to say that this is pretty annoying. Assuming I would like to buy a working modem, which one would you recommend? Does YouSee have any other modems they can offer me?

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