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EdgeRouter + Sagecom (Bridge Mode) Dropouts

Apologies for english.. I have an issue with the YouSee provided modem. After phoning support they cannot seem to help. The Sagecom is in bridge mode to an EdgeRouter which works fine, it has been stable for months/years. However, i have started to perform an offsite backup which is using all of the upstream bandwidth for long periods of time, it seems after two hours the modem becomes unresponsive. The only solution is a restart. I can limit the uploads, and threads used - but i feel i should not be limited this way into using partial amounts of said allocated bandiwdth. I am on 300/60.

I have tried everything, any ideas welcome. Could this be a router/firmware issue? If and when the new gb rollout this year happens, it's a shame YouSees Sagecom hardware cannot cope with the new speeds?

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Hello rygo

I can see that this thread hasn´t got an answer.

I think there is maybe an overload to modem CPU and this we can't solve.
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Many routers restarts if the number of concurrent connections reach a curtain number. Try limiting the number af threads allowed in your backup software.