3890 modem coax doesn’t connect to the internet

I have received the coax router. however, it doesn’t seem to connect to the internet as it is described. I have reset the router a few times and also kept it ‘booting’ for about 45 mins each time.
The customer service / technical support keeps on suggesting all sorts of different solutions, none of them seem to work.

“Either choose a different socket,Wait 15 mins and then turn on again - I did something iktbwill work now, you have to wait at least 45 mins....”

The upstream/downstream lights keep on blinking. Firstly the downstream blinks and once it is steady the upstream blinks. When both of them are steady, the internet light keeps blinking, but never stays on. In fact it jumps back to a blinking up or downstream light.

Any proper suggestions or is the only option to receive a new router?

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Is it a new connection.? Has it been activated.?
I sincerely hope so. Tdc ordered it as it is paid by my employer., and they placed the order “when the line was active”. Talking to 3 technical support guys today, of which 2 seem to have done something in their systems - I assume it is active. But i am not 100% sure.
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Have You Recived a confirmation (ordrebekræftelse) for the date it will be active.
I don’t think so, but Tdc sent me a retour sticker for their old hardware (dsl based) :)

The coax modem was in the package pickup station since the 10th of May - picked it up today. Got all the activation codes from the tech support of YouSee for the mitwifi.dk page.
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You have to look into the matter about the connection, it seems as it is not active, as you can't get any down or upstream.
Ok, will stress this tomorrow. Thanks for the tips - will revert with the solution !