1000Mbps Broadband speed drop to 370Mbps?

Have been happily using YouSee for the last couple of months at the full connection speed, often reaching 1001Mbps. However, in the last month or so, there has been a severe drop off in connection speed.
I've attempted the following:
1) The default troubleshooting steps on YouSee (all of them with exception of the full router reset).
2) Refreshed and reinstalled network drivers on my machine
3) Tested multiple times of the day expecting congestion
4) Limited connectivity to only the primary device in my home for testing (to eliminate other downloads)

I'm at my whit's end, as the best connection speed I can achieve is between 370-420Mbps.

In a home with 11+ devices connected at any given time, this obviously leads to all sort of problems, like HBO streaming quality being poor, connection drop offs, gaming lag etc.

Can anyone perhaps supply some guidance how to test this connection definitively?


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1st. Are you testing on cable connected to the router? When you’re testing ensure that you are the only device connected. Turn off Wi-Fi in the router and disconnect all other cables but the one to the computer that you’re using for testing. Before you begin the test, check that your computer doesn’t have any traffic on the network interface. This can be done in the program manager.

Select a suitable test. fast.com or another test tool, that opens multiple streams.

If it’s still not able to achieve the expected bandwidth, try another computer. Not all computers can do GBit traffic even though they have GBit network interface...

Thanks for the quick response.

I've eliminated WiFi by testing directly to LAN Port 1 on the router with a Gigabit Ethernet enabled PC running Windows 10. (the machine that was originally achieving full speed connection)

To eliminate Windows or divers I tested using a different device (ODroid XU4 with Ubuntu Mate, also with Gigabit Ethernet)

Both devices perform poorly at more or less 300-370Mbps instead of the previous full connection speed.

I've attached a speedtest done while typing this response just to make sure :D

I'm left to suspect that the issue has to be downstream, either user contention or throttling.

How would I go about having this verified? Would someone physically have to come and test the line from the premises or can this be seen from Head Office?

Not very familiar with COAX capabilities, as I've only ever used Fiber :)

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Have you tried to shut off the router and disconnect all cables? Including the coax? And keep it so for 10 minutes. If this doesn’t help, try resetting the router to it’s factory settings. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then a call to support is your last resort.

You can try to login to the routers admin interface and check the connection status page to se if any connection errors occur. Bear in mind, that some errors are allowed. I don’t know the threshold for the level, but again support should be able to help you.

First line support is very basic and they’ll either transfer you to 2nd line or order a technical person to check your installation onsite.