Extremely slow ping times to Australia

Since earlier this week I am getting extremely slow ping times and packet loss to Australia.

I am on TDC ADSL in Odense.

For example

ping sydney.edu.au

64 bytes from icmp_seq=85 ttl=245 time=386.631 ms

64 bytes from icmp_seq=86 ttl=245 time=385.936 ms

64 bytes from icmp_seq=87 ttl=245 time=385.781 ms


--- sydney.edu.au ping statistics ---

89 packets transmitted, 87 packets received, 2.2% packet loss




traceroute sydney.edu.au

traceroute to sydney.edu.au (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets

1 (  3.797 ms  1.526 ms  1.283 ms

2  xe-2-0-0-1100.odnqe10.dk.ip.tdc.net (  79.691 ms  51.945 ms  22.635 ms

3  ae1-0.nyk3nqp2.us.ip.tdc.net (  156.202 ms  158.596 ms  158.972 ms

4  xe-0-0-0.bb1.a.pao.aarnet.net.au (  230.830 ms  232.539 ms  234.572 ms

5  xe-1-2-1.pe2.brwy.nsw.aarnet.net.au (  383.808 ms  386.070 ms  387.312 ms

6  ae9.bb1.a.syd.aarnet.net.au (  389.048 ms  386.274 ms  385.668 ms

7  tengigabitethernet2-1.er4.usyd.cpe.aarnet.net.au (  382.877 ms  384.578 ms  384.850 ms

8  gw4-usyd.er4.usyd.cpe.aarnet.net.au (  387.306 ms  389.253 ms  386.783 ms

9  * * *

10  * * *

11  sydney.edu.au (  549.719 ms  608.059 ms  717.690 ms


Comparison ping from USA via http://centralops.net/co/   gives 193ms and no packet loss.


Things seem to have got a lot worse this week.  Any NOC engineers here would be good to know if this is a known issue.


~ Rodney




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Thanks all for your responses on this thread.

OK so it seems this is definitely a problem and it is affecting a number of users.

Are there any TDC NOC engineers active on this forum who can shed light on what's going on?

~ Rodney

Our connection was also reduced to high ping, lag and packet loss around the 14th of last week. We are feeling it in ordinary use through smartphones, tablets and on computers across different services.

From my investigation connection is normal/ok during the day and late night, but around 19:00 +- TDC routing - at least to some services - becomes very laggy and packet loss' are enormeous. It appear to be related to some routing in Germany, but it should still be visible to TDC technicians/systems

As we also have gamers in our house I was made available of this forum post that contains some valuable information from numerous Danish gamers. Tank Game lag discussion

Your not alone. The last week my ping in general has raised by 30.

A Ping to Ping.tdc.dk has gone from 20 to 50ms.

TDC will not do anything because my speeds is ok.

My son can't game online anymore.

On servers outside DK he now has a ping higher than 140ms!

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It looks like a general issue, i have tryed the ping on a non TDC line, and different .AU adresses, the results (And times arround 380-390 ms) are the same. I don't think TDC kan do anything to help the issue..

The Route to America is different from the the route to Australia, there is no point in comparing the two routes.