New integrated modem/router for YouSee coax broadband


Please excuse the English, but will be easier for me to explain the advice I am after :)

We currently have a 150/30 mbit coax broadband service with YouSee, via a Netgear CG3000 we got from YouSee many years ago (router/built in modem/coax connection/4 port ethernet connections) We are perfectly happy with the service/router but with the current situation of working full time from home we are thinking about maybe buying another newer better router/modem combo to use (keeping the current one as a backup in worst case scenario) so my questions are as follows..

1. Can we buy off the shelf/online any integrated router/modem and use that instead of our existing Netgear CG3000? or are we only able to use a router/modem provided direct from YouSee? (is there some kind of preinstalled router firmware we get from you see so can only get from them)

2. If we can buy any on the market are there any recommendations? I seem to have problems finding one that is both a integrated router/modem with coax connection, they all seem to have a ethernt/dsl input rather than coxial input. Our only requirements is that there is at least 4 ethernet ports, and fairly good wifi (wifi not as important as the ethernet ports we need for our work from home computers)

3. If we can only use a router/modem supplied via YouSee can you recommend one that would fulfil the requirements as per question 2 above? I do not see a price on any of the Sagemcom routers shown on the YouSee website, or are they free for YouSee customers if we just call up for one? (as per original comments i would like to keep our old router as a worst case scenario backup while working from home on a new one)


Many thanks in advance for any help/advice on this.

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You need to use a router from YouSee. You can upgraded your Netgear 3000 to a Sagemcom 3890 for 395 Kr. 

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If you upgrade to 3890 I'm sure YouSee will let you keep your Netgear 3000.

Thanks for the quick reply/answers Heksemor, very much appreciated :)


Glad I asked so I didn't go out to buy a new spare router, as you say it has to come from YouSee as it sounds like they must have some kind of reconfigured firmware on them which is required. I will call them and see if I can buy a new one (and hopefully keep my old router as a back up as well)

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Yousee may upgrade you for free. Your router is very old. YouSee dont want Netgear 3000 back any more. I got a free upgrade from Netgear 6250 to Sagemcom 3890 and kept my Netgear 6250.